How to earn your Seal o' Piracy for February 2013

You're well in to February, but you've nonetheless got over a week left in order to make the Seal involving Piracy!

The February 2013 Seal o' Piracy, such as classic along with unironic observations involving Valentine's Day (ha!), takes two for you to tango. A Pair Of what, a person ask? A Couple Of expeditions. 2 distinct kinds of expedition. However, if you've played this specific Seal-getting game before, you understand which not every kinds outlined around the Yppedia "Expedition" web page count. Your qualifying expeditions are:

As any rank-and-file jobber following your current Seal, you'll need to hover the mouse over the particular little speech bubbles in the Pillage section involving the Voyage tab about the Discover Board. That's exactly where jobbing officers may well let you realize that they're heading to find a Viking Raid (VR), Imperial Outpost (IO), or virtually any other kind of non-standard pillage goal.

As an officer, you probably could make all your Seal-hunting jobbers happy by simply traveling to an Explorer's Hall along with investing in a map to some Viking Raid or even Imperial Outpost. These types of will often operate anyone among 1,000 and also 5,000 Pieces regarding Eight, depending on the size of the particular fort/outpost, the power of the actual attackers, and additionally the richness in the reward. To End Up Being Able To go in advance and take guessing out with the game, refer to those charts for the various types of Viking Raids and also Imperial Outposts. for instance, an established stronghold will pay out more than a new Fledgling will.

If you need to be able to pay a bit more and don't thoughts surprises, visit the actual Black Marketplace near one to purchase a Black Box. These types of cost 10,000 Pieces associated with Eight and also may well include maps to any of the actual 4 expedition kinds which count towards this month's Seal. (Then again, they may not. That They might include almost all sorts of things.)

Always ensure that you simply may chart the actual immediate routes from your island in places you purchase your map. Your Own expedition will possibly be with a league point together certainly one of individuals routes. either get local charts on hand or even have got individuals routes previously memorized. (Don't worry, we'll come again to our somewhat delayed series upon wot blitz cheats Memming The Particular Oceans shortly!)

Another strategy is to just get any crew and commence pillaging. The Particular much more battles a person win, the more likely it is always that among your scurvy blaggards ye defeat will cough up the key of the shipwreck or even buried treasure.

Finally, keep in mind that your current crew labored hard for their particular haul. Protect it! The Actual very best approach to stay away from losing your entire treasure upon your way back again to port is always to set the ship's voyage configuration to "Evading" (you can do this in virtually any time, even midway in between league points) along with order a new fantastic duty navigator for the wheel. Your much better that they puzzle, the particular much less opportunity you'll have associated with crossing paths with a brigand intent in lightening the load!

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