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Alex MathewAlex can end up being a total gadgetophile, and may devote hrs at any time reading concerning the most recent gadgets, as well as technologies within the market. He is actually frequently described by simply his colleagues as 'quite your talker', with a sublime sense of humor; this usually shows inside the 'you first' approach which he tends to adopt in his articles. He believes which there isn't any compliment quite being a smile about the reader's deal with after reading among his works. He welcomes CREATIVE criticism, plus fact encourages it. In supplement to writing, also, he puts his graphic designing abilities to good use within his articles. in his spare time, x loves heading out with his initial love -- his bike, and his awesome camera regarding cheat mini warriors company.

Interests as well as Hobbies:

Reading, Writing, Loves his gadgets and gizmos! Bikes, Cars, Computers, Technology, Nature, History, Music, Animation..

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